Thirsty Summers

April 08, 2016

Today marks the beginning of a new year according to the Marathi (मराठी) calendar (and a few other Indian calendars too). The month of Chaitra (चैत्र) begins today and this time is thought to be of blossoming flowers and the coming of spring.

But in the present climate, April has already brought us the sweltering heat of an Indian summer. The heat is upon us, and in the parched yellow-browns of our landscapes, birds and animals are thirsting for water...

In forests, animals have their ways of finding hidden water sources. But India's fast growing concrete structures make it hard for wildlife, especially birds, who live in and around urban habitats, to quench their thirst or cool off in leafy shade.

To soothe these little souls then, all we need is a little offering to them every morning, in our balconies, on windowsills or terraces, or if we're lucky to have them, in our gardens or yards. Just put out a bowl of water and you will be surprised at how many grateful visitors you get!
May the new year soothe every soul and bring happiness to you all.

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