The Brave Little Parrot

February 11, 2017

The postman brought me a heavy parcel today.

The little parrot in our story lives in a beautiful forest and has many friends, but is put to the test when a fire breaks out. What can a little bird like him do against a raging fire?

It is a story of the triumph of a strong will; of unswerving hope in the face of all odds.

It is my second 'Auroville' book published by the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research, and is available to buy online.

P.S: There's something about this book that is of an added significance to me. The story has been retold (from the ancient folk tale that it is) by none other than my teenage niece! She's the second in the family with a flair for writing (the other is my very eloquent younger cousin sister) and it just makes me think of my hugely talented cousins, my kind, loving parents and aunts and uncles, my grandparents who had hearts of gold, and the absolute delights that are my nieces and nephew! To have such a family is to be lucky indeed.

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