Bologna Book Fair 2013

April 13, 2013

It was great to visit the Bologna Book Fair this year, on its 50th anniversary. It is the world's largest book fair dedicated solely to children's books, which is what makes it so relevant to us.

It is inspiring to simply walk through the fair, looking at the beautiful books, the stunning artwork and the variety of subjects that are entering children's literature. 

It is also great to see how publishing in different countries is at different levels of experimentation - some publishers risking much to bring out complex issues for children in the most simple and aesthetically pleasing ways.
One of the highlights of the fair this year was that our classmate and friend Zack Rock got selected and had his work displayed in the Bologna Illustrator's Exhibition! On the right is his page in their 2013 catalogue. 

We're so proud of him, his fantastic watercolour work totally deserves it!

This was the second year our MA course had a stand at the fair. Happily, it was a success like last year. The stand website now has an updated gallery of our work. Can you spot mine? (hint: somewhere on page 3).

In the massive fair, our stand felt like home. The course has made sure we're part of a very warm and wonderful community! Heartfelt thanks to Martin and Pam and everyone on the stand committee.

Another pleasant little surprise was to see a dummy of the book I've been working on! More about that here.

I've returned inspired and ready to work, but not before we (Rosemary, Ting and I) had extended our stay a bit, and walked the streets of Venice and Rome, wandering and drawing.

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