Dragons, Selkies and Fairy Princes

January 19, 2015

This week is the last week of my exhibition with Philip Longson and Matthew Land in Edinburgh! It features original artwork and limited edition prints from our work for the Scottish Traditional Tales series by Floris Books. So if you are around and haven't visited, you have until Saturday to give it a go.

Both Philip and Matthew's work is gorgeous. I really wish I could have visited to see their artwork in person. The dragon (from the images below) is from Matthew's 'The Dragon Stoorworm'. His use of patterns (so much detail!) and his sense of colour is really wonderful! And there is a subtle flavour of quirky and light in so much of his artwork, which I love! The pencil sketch is from Philip's 'The Tale of Tam Linn'. He is amazing with his use of tone and light and texture! His work is very evokative and often dark; I truly admire that, especially as I find it very hard to express dark moods in my art.

It has been an absolute pleasure planning the exhibit with both of them, they've been very helpful. So have the team at Floris, especially Leah and Kirsten! The credit for the organising of the beautiful exhibit and launch is all theirs and they have been wonderful throughout the entire process. They even asked me to send a note to read out for the launch. Janis Mackay, the author of 'The Selkie Girl',  kindly read it out to everyone, which was really lovely of her. So a big thank you to all these nice people!

Here are some pictures from the setting up stages to the final framed-up work looking pretty on the walls! There's a sweet story on the Floris blog about the launch and Bookwitch had a word or two to say about it as well.

And the two below are my favourites!

A final thank you to everyone who came for the launch and the exhibition!

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