Selkie Stories

August 25, 2014


One of my recent projects is all set to be published in less than a month! It is called 'The Selkie Girl' and is one of a set of three Scottish fairytale books.

Until I was offered this fascinating project to work on, I had never heard of Selkies. Selkies are beautiful, mythical creatures from Scottish folklore; seals who shed their skins to turn into humans, living and making friends on land but forever yearning for the sea which is their true home...

This story is about a young Selkie girl by name of Shonagh, whose seal skin is found by Fergus, a fisherboy who often wanders the shores in search of sandy treasures...

Shonagh cannot return to the sea without her seal fur. As she finds the boy who has it, the story of a sweet friendship unfolds...

I'm so excited to see the book when it is out! Here is a quick look at it, and it is also available to pre-order!

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